Thursday, August 21, 2014

Finding your groove again

Now that the move is over, and life is slowly getting back to normal, I am struggling to remember what normal is. I am also trying to find out what I want my "new normal" to be.

This past year at work has taken about every ounce of creativity out of me. Now that this "huge work project" is stabilizing, how do I go back to my normal day to day functions? The past 6 months have been full of house updates. Now that we are in the house, what's next?

I have had a million excuses this past year why I have been lazy in other parts of my life.
"Oh, do the laundry? But I just ran, I need a break."
"Cook healthy meals every day? but I am soooo tired from work."
"Unpack all of those boxes? But we are planning to buy a house in a year..."
Now, work is normal, the house the purchased and running has gotten easier. What is my excuse now? The truth is, I have none. I can either go back to how things were a year ago, or I can find a new place for myself. Carve out a new nitch that I fit into.

I have always wanted this space to be a positive place for me. A place to remember all of the good things in my life. Right now, I am not sure what direction I want to take with it. Do I want to keep doing this, or do I want to go ahead and shut it down. Or, do I just change the direction of the place. I'm not sure yet. I am trying to find a focus for myself, and struggling.

As much as I love writing, I don't feel like I portray myself very accurately here. It is a lot of "life updates", but not much substance. There isn't a whole lot of depth. I feel that I have a lot of life experiences that could help make this better, but do I really want to open up that much on the internet? I'm just not sure.

Feels like the first time

I haven't ran in about three weeks. Yikes. Three weeks ago, I got about 1 run in, and then for the past two weeks, nada. With moving, I just pushed it to the side and didn't worry. Well, something kicked into gear last night, because as soon as I got home from work I headed upstairs and changed to go running. I was determined.

I set out thinking that I could do at least 2.5 miles. I mean I was up to 3 when I had stopped running a few weeks ago, and moving is still a physical activity so I should be good, right? Wrong. I synced up my phone with the 3 apps I use when running right now. Pandora (Pit Bull station, for some reason this always works to get my energy up), C25K, and Map my Run. I am technologically high maintenance when I run, what can I say?

Anyways, I head out doing my 5 minute warm up walk. No problem. Even in 85+ degrees, it was easy. I start running. Not too bad, But very quickly, I realize how tight my legs are and I am drenched in sweat in no time. Yes it could be the heat, but this is what I have been running in all summer. In what feels like 5 hours later, my little app finally tells me that I am half way done. What?! Only half way? I feel exhausted. Out of breath and my legs HURT. I push on for a little longer, but eventually have to give up and walk home.

The end result? Not pretty compared to where I was, but still better than where I used to be.

I still want to run a 5k before this year is over, and I think that I have one all picked out. Now, just to get my stamina back up and convince Julian to run it with me. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Becoming a homeowner

Well, it is official. Julian and I have moved into our first house. This past weekend was full of lots of hard work, late nights and sore muscles.

Saturday was the big day for us. We woke up bright and early to get the u-haul from the other side of town. I was trying to be practical and ordered the absolute largest sized u-haul I could get my hands on. 26 feet. Getting that into our apartment complex was not an easy feat. That I had nothing to do with. Thankfully, Julian is used to driving large trucks for work so it was easy for him.
Colton and I taking a moving day selfie.
After spending the entire day loading and then unloading the truck (with help from our 12 year old nephew, Colton), I am surprised that we survived with our marriage intact. Julian and I are both very stubborn people who feel that we are always right, so when you put the two of us together in stressful situations, we tend to bicker over little things. Such as the best way to get our king sized mattress down our apartment stairs which are smaller than said mattress.

Luckily, we got a nice little break from all things moving, when our friends Scott and Lydia stopped by with their precious baby, Sawyer. Tucker was quite intrigued with him, but luckily just wanted to see what was going on with the little guy I was carrying around.

Sunday was more moving, and getting some things from my dad's. Julian's mom and step dad stopped by later and helped us organize and place some of our furniture that we couldn't quite figure out, and then we had a lovely pizza dinner with our friends Ryan and Tracy and new neighbor, Jon.

Monday was supposed to be spent unpacking, but I wound up becoming incredibly sick and couldn't do much of anything. Needless to say, I need to learn to give my body a break rather than pushing myself as hard as I did this weekend. I also had yesterday off while Julian headed back to work, so I was able to get some more boxes unpacked and start organizing. We have a long way to go before we are done unpacking, but I can officially say that we are all moved in.
Finally listening to my body and taking a break on Monday. Even with a pile of boxes screaming at me to unpack.
Throughout the process, I have found that I am massively type A, indecisive and I get overwhelmed easily. Not a great combination. Luckily I have Julian who is very much a go with the flow kind of guy, a quick decision maker and seriously good at moving large objects. Now I just need to decide on how I want everything. So far though, I have two favorite spots. My kitchen which I LOVE and our front porch, early in the morning. Our neighborhood is seriously so quiet most of the time and when there is a nice cool breeze, I love just sitting and relaxing.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Things I am Loving

This week has been a bit of a crazy one (I know I keep saying that, but seriously life has been pretty busy lately), but now that it is Friday, I want to focus on some things that I am seriously loving right now.

  • The weather here in Ohio. High 70s/Low 80s all week and into the weekend. 
  • Moving day is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to finally be in our house. 
  • OSU football starts in two weeks. While I do not wish summer away, I am excited for football season.
  • Julian is going to run a 5K with me! I have been trying to convince him forever to go running with me, and he finally agreed to it! Next week we start running together. Since I am able to do a bit farther than him, I may run with him 3 days a week and then do longer mileage on the other 2. 
  • Tomorrow is going to be perfect moving weather (kind of combining the first two points here). Low 80s and partly cloudy. Bring it. 
  • Today is Friday and pay day! We have a ton of things to buy for the house, so pay days are going to be even more important to us for awhile. Lawn mower, outdoor lights, dehumidifier, ceiling fans, garage door opener, the list is seriously about 14 items long and I just started writing it out this morning. 
Enjoy your weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


WE CLOSE ON OUR HOUSE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited that I cannot even sit still. These next 6 hours at work are going to drag by until I can leave and head to the office where we will get the keys to our very first home (and sign our lives away for the next 30 years, but hey, it's all about perspective).

Being first time home buyers, there are so many thoughts and questions that run through my head on a daily basis. We have had an amazing group of people that we have worked with through this process, and I am so happy with the way that our house turned out. We have also learned a lot. I find myself looking forward to the upcoming months and endless trips to Home Depot and Target. There are so many ideas that I have floating through my head, that I am struggling with nailing down just one.

Thank you to everyone who have left sweet comments on these endless house posts, I really appreciate it :)
This is officially ours in less than 7 hours. Counting down.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Now that my crazy schedule is winding down, I have some more time to focus on getting into better shape. For the past year, I have been focusing on making little changes. Whether it is running a few days a week (I am successfully up to 3 miles!), eating cleaner, drinking more water, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, drinking less, sleeping more, etc. The point is, I am near the end of my 20s and really need to focus on my health and well-being.

With that being said, this summer threw a wrench in all of my good intentions. Work has been crazy. Life at home has been crazy. I still try to get in workouts, I still try to eat healthy, but I have definitely not been as regimented as I should have been. I know that as we move and settle into the new house, there will be days that things aren't perfect, but I need to put more effort in. I need to plan meals when I can, and get at least 4 days of running in a week. If I could get up to 6 miles by my 29th birthday, I will be a happy girl (that gives me exactly three months!).

This week, I am just focusing on getting back to basics. I made a batch of protein pancakes (recipe found here), that I am re-heating each morning and topping with natural peanut butter for breakfasts, packing snacks and lunches for the work day, and focusing on portion control in the evenings. I want to get a run in as many days as I can, but I am also packing up our apartment, so my big goal is being active at least an hour every evening.

I am also toying with the idea of going completely "clean" with my eating (with the exception of a weekend treat meal), and Julian has been surprisingly on-board so far. I explained to him that it will change a lot of the things that I cook for him, and that he will have to give up Little Debbie snacks and pop-tarts, but he agreed. (He was a little concerned, however, when I came home from the grocery with no "treats" for him, so I need to find some clean recipes for cookies or treats that he can take to work and still enjoy).

In an ideal world, I would buy all local, organic food, but for today, I am just focusing on the less processed stuff that we can afford.

Anything you are doing to "re-commit" to a goal you set for yourself?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Another weekend in the books. Another weekend where I got absolutely nothing on my "normal" to-do list accomplished. I did, however, spend time with friends, finish painting the house, do landscaping at the house, watch movies from the 90s, eat pizza and drink some very yummy drinks. (By I, I mean we obviously, there is no way I could have planted all 10 of the plants we had by myself.)

Perk of having a landscaper husband? He does all of the work while I stand there and snap pictures. I tried to dig one hole and he immediately took the shovel from me because I was too slow. :)

The mulch will obviously get cleaned up once we have our sod in, we just had to get the plants in the ground before our final walk through on Thursday.

I feel like all of my posts are surrounding our house, but honestly, that is the main thing in our life right now. And considering that we move in less than two weeks, it's a pretty big thing. We have lots of big plans for this space of ours, and I can't wait to get started on them.