Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Three day weekends are amazing

I love a good three day weekend, and definitely think that we should have at least one/month. Unfortunately, this weekend was my last one until the end of May. But, I really did get in a lot, and some quality relaxing with Julian to boot.

Friday night, I met up with my friend to go look at bridesmaid dresses. Her wedding is in August, and I am so excited/happy for her! The group of us that went found quite a few cute styles, and will be venturing back next Sunday to pick out which ones we will wear (she is having us each pick our own style/keep in the same color).

Saturday was filled with running errands and an early night. I was also reminded of how much I miss our old part of town. The Trader Joe's near where we live never has what I am looking for and is overly crowded. The only plus side is that I hit up Target and Costco and stocked up on some healthy food. We got hit with even more snow that made staying out too late impossible. Netflix and the couch was much more welcoming.

Julian and I had a much needed date night on Sunday night. Since I didn't have to work Monday, we treated it like our Saturday. Hibachi for dinner and then we checked out Anchorman 2. I have to say, I wasn't really impressed with the movie. There were a few funny parts, but I wish we would have just waited and redboxed it instead. Dinner, however, was wonderful.

Monday was a lazy day where we food prepped and just hung out. Our lives are about to get really busy in about a month or so, so I am trying to soak up as much down-time as possible right now.
I made Julian cupcakes on Sunday. They must have been good because I think he ate 5 on Sunday and like 6 yesterday. I have had two. One each day. But, I made sure to save enough calories throughout the day so that I didn't go over. 

My new dress from Target. I haven't done an OOTD pic in awhile, and I really love this dress. It is sweatshirt material on the inside and so comfy. Plus, it has a zipper detail on the shoulder that is so cute.

My cousin found a bunch of old pictures and posted this one on Facebook. It is hard to see, but my mom is the 2nd from the left with the scarf around her neck. I really love seeing pictures of her, and it makes me miss her so much. 

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