Wednesday, January 22, 2014


So, I was a little mad when I first stepped on the scale Friday. I thought that I had been doing so good with my eating. Then, I took a step back and really looked at everything. Yes, I am eating way better. However, my portions are still way too big and I am not consistent.
I took a bit of a mental break this weekend to really process what my goals were. (It didn't help that I tried on a couple of bridesmaid dresses Friday night and felt horrible in every single one. Motivation right there I tell ya.)
Going into this week, I knew it would be a bit more difficult since it is high carb week. Last time this is where I started to go off track. However, I tracked everything that I ate yesterday and on my day off, Monday, and measured my food. I also prepped for the week so that I can't make bad choices. I know that this is a journey. It took time to put the weight on, and it will take time to take it off. I am still confident that what I am doing will work. I also know that it would work 100 times better if I was working out.

Starting weight (as of 12/29/13): 179
Weight Last Week: 175
Current Weight: 175.4
Goal Weight: 155
Total Pounds Lost: -3.6

What I am eating:
This week is a little different that the previous three weeks in that I am eating high-carb everyday. A typical day for me looks like this:
Breakfast: Breakfast burrito (2 egg whites, red bell pepper, colby jack cheese and sriracha in a whole wheat tortilla) and Chai tea latte
Snack 1: Carbmaster yogurt and strawberries
Lunch: Baked chicken, quinoa and steamed green beans
Snack 2: Hard-boiled egg, red bell pepper, cauliflower and an orange if I am still hungry
Dinner: Some combo of protein, carb, veggie.

I have been getting between 1300-1500 calories a day, which is pretty good considering I am not working out currently. I also have been drinking water like crazy. 
Tonight I am meeting a good friend for dinner and shopping, so I am not sure yet what I will eat tonight, but I will make sure that it fits my criteria for healthy. I have also kind of slacked on taking pictures of what I am eating, but I am sure you know what eggs and veggies look like. I don't do any cute presentation with them, they just go into a container and come with me to work. 
Below is what I did remember to take a pic of.
I had heard of this yogurt for awhile, and decided to try it. My verdict? It's ok, but nowhere near clean. I wanted a break from greek yogurt and the protein count is really high in this, but some flavors are better than others and there are a bunch of ingredients.

I swear there is chicken in there, I just had put it in the container before the quinoa so it got buried. However, this lunch was incredibly satisfying and I felt comfortably full until it was time for my next snack.

Weigh In Wednesday


Z @ Kicking Kilos said...

I like your meal plan. I hope we both see a loss in the following weeks!@

Z @ Kicking Kilos said...

I like your meal plan. I hope we both see a loss in the following weeks!@

Shesabigstar said...

That chicken and quinoa look so good! I'm the exact same as you this week... gained .4... womp womp! :/ Upward and onward to this week though!

Stephanie Marie said...

I agree. Meal prep makes a world of difference! I hope you finish out this week strong. :) said...

Drinking water is certainly clutch! I'm not a fan of dressing rooms in any circumstances :) Good luck!

Ash Z said...

I drink a few bottles of water a day and I actually feel good.
I tried pumpkin pie yogurt in the fall and enjoyed it, the nutmeg taste in the brand I tried was a little much, but still good.

Great loss this week! Thanks for linking up.

Cassandra Schmigotzki said...

Love the flavors of Kroger's CARBmaster yogurts! I don't get them very often so they're almost a treat.